Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caleb the Photographer

I was having a discussion with my dad last night about what kind of professions my kids might enter based on what we currently know of their personalities. Caleb has always been into things that involved fine motor skills, and he's very creative. I was uploading pictures and I found a slew of pics that Caleb took. It actually happens frequently that I look at the camera and think, "Where did all these pictures come from?" And it's Caleb's doing. So today, I'm going to predict that Caleb will be a photographer, if these pics are any indication...

This is only a tiny selection, but as you can see, he likes all types: abstract, portraits, still life, and himself. It's quite a range, and obviously he's extremely talented...we'll see where that takes us. (Note: As I'm typing this, he's managed to turn on my cell phone camera and is taking pictures of his toys.)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleeping...I mean the pool!

We go swimming nearly everyday...and it has been fabulous. So much so that Bryce has already established a nap routine involving the pool.

Step 1: Get drowsy and slump over in the turtle floatie.

Step 2: Let Mom pull your legs out so you're reclining comfortably, while still sleeping.

Step 3: Get carried out of the pool and sleep in the floatie with a towel for an hour or so.

This system seems to work pretty well because it happens almost every time we go to the pool! And this is particularly amazing since he sleeps in his crib and in the car seat...and that's about it. It's nice so I can play with Caleb too. (Obviously Bryce requires a lot of attention at the pool.) Caleb is coming to love swimming too, and is getting much more comfortable with the water. But he's not quite as brave as all the girls he swims with... (He's the one with the blue swim shirt and round floatie, and notice he's still got his nose plugged...)

All in all we're having a great time, and Jon-Michael is getting jealous because he's always had a darker skin that me...but not now because he has to work and pay for all the fun we have! What can I say? I'm spoiled and I love my life!