Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day!

Caleb loves playing in the snow, but I admit, I don't take him out very often. It's cold and wet...neither of which are favorites in my book! But with Jon-Michael home and a fantastic amount of snow, we couldn't deny him that.

Here are all the boys before we went outside...and it took at least as long to get ready as to play out there! It was so funny to see Bryce all bundled like that. It was truly adorable, and his first experience actually playing in the snow. He was 9 months old the last time we took him out, but he couldn't walk yet, so he couldn't even do anything.
Caleb took full advantage and dove right in as soon as we got outside!
Bryce was a little more tentative, but was happy to watch at the beginning. It was cracking me up because you couldn't tell he if was smiling or crying because of that big scarf around his face...but he was smiling in this picture.
Jon-Michael did a lot of shoveling. Fortunately the snow was pretty dry and it was easy to shovel. Bryce liked following him around because he didn't have to walk in snow where ever Jon-Michael shoveled.
Caleb found all sorts of dinosaur bones and teeth and eggs in the snow...he's obviously into that lately...
Bryce would get so mad every time he had to touch the ground, and I don't blame him because he had such a hard time getting back up!
We don't get as much snow in our entry walk way because it's sheltered pretty well, but it was deep enough for Caleb!
After a while, Bryce just retreated to the garage and sat in the wagon where it was nice and snow-free!
We had fun climbing around in the snow, and yes, even I did! I think we're all happy to sit inside with hot cocoa and just look outside for a little while though now!