Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing House

Ok, I'll admit, I have spanked Caleb before. I'm not proud of it. I actually try to avoid it because it's not necessarily effective, but I'm not a perfect parent. So I shouldn't be surprised when this translates into Caleb's behavior. Caleb and Bryce were playing trains at my parents' house and Bryce did something Caleb didn't like. So Caleb stood up and smacked him on the bum. My mom went over to talk to him and the conversation went like this.

Grandma: "You're not supposed to spank Bryce. Are you the mom?"
Caleb: "We were playing house!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

I know everyone goes through this, so it's not a big deal to anyone but my little family, but we finally have a kid in school! Caleb started kindergarten today and it was very exciting. He was so excited to get up and go to school, and I was excited for him to embark on this new adventure, as well as have 3 Caleb-free hours a day! Caleb could hardly sit still for me to take pictures this morning before we walked to his school. He just wanted to go! He got a haircut last night and chose a new Lego shirt to wear. Everything about the experience was very thrilling to him. This has been an exciting experience for Bryce too, so he needed to be part of the pictures, of course. Caleb couldn't wait to walk to school. He thought it was great when there was another boy walking to the school from our neighborhood. He was in fourth or fifth grade, but that didn't stop Caleb from trying to make friends! Caleb just walked with him and talked his ear off until the boy left to meet a friend at another house. Yesterday, at Caleb's screening, he met a boy who he immediately hit it off with. It turns out they are in the same class and Caleb was so excited. They stuck together the whole time and even came out of the classroom together. It looks like they'll have a lot of fun together. He still wants to go back tomorrow, and I hope he always does.