Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An update for you all!

With someone who is familiar with my family's situation, they know about the absolutely hectic couple of months the DeShazer family has been working through for the last several weeks. So with that in mind, let me begin.

May was the month that my brother Geoff would be getting married. It was moved up from August originally as scheduling and impatience no doubt caught up to him and his fiance Jessie. Things were going according to plan when my Dad started getting sick. To sum it up, my father was diagnosed with type 2 Leukemia. Most people have enough stress in their lives dealing with the preparations for a wedding, but to have your spouse in the ICU with Leukemia as well has to be a very difficult situation for my mother to be in. Oh did I mention she is a Relief Society President in her ward? So naturally, she was pulled in all sorts of directions. We all pitched in in as many ways as possible. I contributed a DVD of slideshows I made on my new Macbook laptop. Andrea, Dylan and Holly helped in many ways as well.

The wedding was a lot of fun. I have never in my life seen Geoff so happy. Jessie is a great match for him, as I am sure he is for her as well. Jessie has a wonderful family and we are excited to have her as a part of the family. The wedding went off smoothly. I was a witness for the ceremony and signed off on the marriage certificate. I didn't think I would be doing that for at least another 20 years. For lunch, Papa treated everyone to Olive Garden. I entertained the crowd by sticking 4-5" long tooth picks in my mouth and nose.

Friends of Geoff that came were Marie Giles and Andy Brown. It was great seeing such good friends. It had been 2 1/2 years since I saw Marie and at least a year since I saw Andy. Due to the small numbers at the sealing, it was good to have them able to attend.

The reception went smoothly for the most part. It was at Papa's house. About 20 minutes before the reception, my mom could not find her shoes as she was getting ready. I frantically searched for them. Unfortunately they didn't turn up until I looked in her van one more time. I lifted up one of the seats that was put down to allow people to get out of the back seat. I found them and couldn't find her anywhere. Apparently she went to Kohl's to get a different pair and get Geoff another tie, because he left his at home. So I frantically drove over there in Dylan's new Nissan Sentra he purchased earlier that week. I got there and ran laps around the store in my suit. After about 6 trips and 10 minutes, I found mom walking out of the store. I told her and she was glad.

At the reception the Harris's came to help. Annie helped with food serving while Ben manned the background music. Dad's band sang (minus Dad of course). I even joined them on "Lonesome Road." It's a rare moment when you see me up there singing, but I knew the bass part and Dad wasn't there to sing it so I jumped in.

Even though Dad wasn't there and as difficult as that was, the wedding went very well. It was a great memory that I won't soon forget.

Now as for my immediate family, Heather is expecting baby #2 in 2 weeks. It's amazing how fast 9 months goes by. She's at that stage where 2 weeks can't come soon enough. She is quite uncomfortable most of the time. We got the bassinet set up and pulled out all of the baby clothes. Heather suspects he's going to be bigger than Caleb. For the record our baby's name will be Bryce Russell DeShazer. Although we had some challenges with names on this one, it wasn't like with Caleb. We've been happy with this name for over a month now, so it appears that won't be changing. Heather said she will have the baby after her baby shower this Saturday. Let's see if that happens! :)

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