Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A lame beginning of the year post

I have nothing profound to say to begin the year with, but this. I've been sick the last 3 days. My throat has been beyond sore. It feels like I'm swallowing lava rocks every time I swallow. The last few nights have been a nightmare trying to sleep as I endure fevers and cold sweats. I stayed home from work yesterday, which I never do. Although it was fun to sit around and watch all the bonus material found on my UHF Special Edition DVD, I wanted to die, unless I downed 3 ibuprofen and waited the 15-20 minutes for the pills to work their magic.

Fortunately, neither of my children have contracted this and neither has Heather. I hope they don't. I was one who rarely missed work due to illness and have had 62 and 96 hours of vacation time when I left my last two jobs. But since I became a parent, I get very sick at least once a year (I can't imagine why). Since it's the first month of the year, I'm hoping that's it for 2009 and nasty illnesses. I don't mean to complain, but I am sure you all can relate. Isn't the internet great?


Jami said...

You know, I never thought I'd say this... but I love UHF!! (Dang that husband of mine...) Hope you feel better soon, though!

Carrrie said...

ok...seriously jon-michael...are you SURE you don't have strep? my goodness...3 days of fevers and sore throat, I don't think I could handle that!