Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Which Ward?

The boys and I are driving to Utah this weekend to visit family and meet a couple new babies! We won't be attending our ward (Heather Ridge Ward) because we'll be gone on Sunday. Caleb and I were talking about where we will be staying.

Me: We're staying at Allie's house. (My sister)

Caleb: Does she have a church there?

Me: Yes.

Caleb: Do you know what her church is called? Actually I think it's called the Allie Ridge Ward.

What a little turkey!

And here are some pictures of my kids, since I haven't posted any in a while!

Caleb being his cute self.

Bryce, who is equally adorable.

Caleb at swimming lessons...he really enjoyed spitting water out of the pool.

Caleb and Brandon, who were in my group on a kindergarten field trip to the Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch!

And Caleb racing Lydia...who do you think will win?


Riggs Familia said...

who the heck in the world could tell who won that?! although- of course, lydia would say her... :)

allie ridge ward. love it. that could only come from caleb!

Heather said...

In all honestly, I'm sure it was Lydia...Caleb likes the idea of a race, but he slows down when he realizes he won't win! Good job Lydia!

Shannon said...

That is hilarious! Allie Ridge Ward. Actually it took me a few seconds to "get" it. Then I laughed out loud! Smart kid!

Carrrie said...

Allie ridge ward! That is too funny! :D

James and Tricia Thomas said...

I think you should come visit the Tricia ridge ward!!! I never thought about how our ward has your name in it! Funny!!!