Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Proud members of the Minivan Parents' Society

When Heather and I were married over 7 years ago, I made the ignorant statement that I would NEVER own a minivan. There was such a negative stigma attached to someone "cool" like me owning a minivan. Now that I've grown up and don't really care what people think, my tune has changed.

For those who know, we've owned both a 1998 & 1990 Toyota Corolla. Both have well over 100k miles on them and have been good cars. Unfortunately, having two car seats in the back now and an ever growing family have caused us to look elsewhere.

We found a great deal on an absolutely pristine quality 2003 Honda Odyssey. It has half the miles of our 98 Corolla, leather interior, DVD player, built in iPod player/controller, clear bra front, sparkling clean interior and 4 snow tires. It was too good to pass up as we made the purchase this past Wednesday.

It gets amazing gas mileage when compared to its SUV counterparts in today's $3.50/gallon for gas society. It rides very smoothly and we all have room! I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it was to put Bryce's carrier in the middle back seat and still had to move the front seats up in order to fit them in. Or how I developed a move similar to a lumberjack hoisting a log to get his car seat in and out of the car, or Caleb kicking us in the back from his car seat. It makes me want to drive on a long trip to really test it out.


Wood Family said...

Come to visit us in Utah and go to your Mission Reunion (oh wait, you missed it). We went to it and it was a bust! :( But still, you could come to Utah.

Jon-Michael said...

Next time we visit Utah (which should be very soon, we go all the time) you are on my agenda! As far as the reunion is concerned, I think I know why it was a bust. I got an announcement 10 days before the reunion in the mail!

Danielle Smith said...

Yeah, you should come to Utah and actually VISIT me this time, haha. You have only done that a few times int eh 5 years I have lived here, haha. Okay, I am done rubbing it in your face. So, this whole minivan thing, it's great eh? I tell people it is, but so many are skeptical. Does this mean you guys will have a third baby soon?! How many kids do you want to have? I have twice as many as you. That means you have some serious catching up to do!

Heather said...

Danielle, we'll totally come visit you. But we are definitely not having a third baby anytime soon, and I'm pretty sure we'll never catch up to you!

Blog oF Brown said...

Yay a trip to Utah so we can visit your babies! Come anytime....we've got this amazing new hide-a-bed.