Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jay Cutler Traded! My Life has Come to an End!

This whole Jay Cutler being traded has been quite amusing. Being a guy and a Bronco fan, I was tired of this whole drama as many of you were. The good thing is, it's over, but what I find amusing is how some people are really taking this trade personally!

Now for the voice of reason. I'm a huge fan of the Broncos, of the NFL, and sports in general. I have spent many Sunday afternoon's over the years enjoying the game with my brother Dylan or my father-in-law Russ. But one thing remains true. The success of my favorite team in no way should affect my mood or personality or how I treat other people! I have talked to people who's lives have literally come to an end because Jay Cutler is no longer a Bronco. I find it humorous.

Don't get me wrong. I was this way once. It was me sitting on the couch with tears running down my face at age 9 as Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins destroyed the Broncos for 5 touchdowns in the second quarter of Super Bowl XXII. Fortunately for me, my parents gave me added perspective and told me it doesn't matter in the long term and it's just a game. Those words hurt as I heard them, but they were right.

The Broncos are a great team to follow, but they do not affect how my life is from day to day. I don't wake up on Monday mornings after a Bronco loss feeling depressed about my life because my football team got crushed by the Chargers again. Let the players who get paid to do this feel that way. My life is much more interesting than the team I follow. In fact, if it isn't, I will do something about it so it is! Jerry Seinfeld put it best. He said with all the trades and personnel changes teams make over the years, we ultimately are rooting for clothes. Keep it in perspective people. If the Broncos with 11 games next year, this will all be an afterthought anyway. I hope this makes sense.

One last note, do a Google image search for Kyle Orton. about half of those pictures of him on there are of the embarrassing "MySpace" variety, usually with a cold one in his hand and a drunk girl in the other.


maugers said...

This is for Heathie,
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Shanester said...

Well, you know when you get a chance to go to a better city/team/organization. What would Jesus do? Go Bears!