Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Here's a perfect example of someone who is taking this Jay Cutler trade too seriously. Here's the original article

""I don't understand why he'd go to a press conference wearing a hoodie," Mendelsberg said of McDaniels. "Jay Cutler showed up at his press conference (in Chicago) looking nice. He looked like he had a makeover - nice suit, nice tie, nice haircut. He even laughed. I'd never seen him laugh. It's like he had a new lease on life."

He doesn't feel the same about his beloved Broncos.

"I'm so bummed. What do I tell my kids? We don't have a quarterback; we don't have a defense," Mendelsberg said. "This did nothing to ease my mind.""

Ease your mind?! What are you going to tell your kids?!?!?! Did you get laid off? Did you cheat on your wife? Did you put the family dog to sleep and not tell anyone? Those are things that warrant, "What do I tell my kids?" Not "We don't have a quarterback!" I can see it already, his children turn into delinquents getting involved with drugs, stealing cars and eventually more heinous crimes. Finally after an 8 hour stand-off with police at Broncos Headquarters and turning the gun on himself after a rampage, the man once known by his father Ken Mendelsberg as "Little Joey" says in his suicide note, warped with the drying of many tears that fell as he was writing, "Dad said WE didn't have a quarterback!"

Secondly, who cares if Josh McDaniels wears a hoody!? He could show up looking like Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Picture Show for all I care, as long as Super Bowl rings show up on his freshly manicured black nails.

Watch the following video, and replace Star Trek fan's with Broncos fans. William Shatner says it perfectly. I'm done.

SNL Get A Life


FroggyWoman said...

I couldn't agree more. It's a sad comment on society when we care more about who the quarter back will be, than the state of our country, and our children's ACTUAL futures.

Druciana said...

Nicely put! I'm not a big sports person. Why would someone base the happiness of their family on who the quarter back is?