Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preschool Graduation...

I've never really felt compelled to blog, but all my friends are doing I guess I'm just giving in to peer pressure. I'm perfectly happy to read everyone elses blogs, which I do daily, and I'm sure you all are dying to hear what I have to say about our family. So, lucky we are!

The most recent exciting family event (if you can call it an event) is our preschool graduation. And it wasn't so much a graduation as it was a party signifying the end of school. And it wasn't so much a school as it was a bunch of moms alternating teaching the kids a letter of the alphabet and giving the other moms a two-hour break once a week. Well, that's not fair at has been fabulous. Caleb has learned so much this last year, and I have loved the opportunity it's given him to be social and learn in a more structured environment.

I know I'm not the only mom in the world with such a "smart" child, but I have been thrilled with his progress. He knows all the letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case, mostly knows 1-20 (he's got the teens in the wrong order sometimes), he can write all the letters and recognizes the sounds the make. We're starting to sound out words, mostly just the first letter, but I know it's a great start on the road to reading. And Caleb has another whole year of "preschool," so I know he'll be ready for kindergarten. I just hope all my friends want to keep doing this when Bryce is old enough.

Yesterday we had our party at my house. It was pretty low-key, but the kids had fun making graduation caps and tassels. The graduation part consisted of them all standing together so we could take pictures. And then we went swimming! Now that's a summer kick-off party!

I have been so impressed with all the moms involved (Lindee, Maria, and guys do so much better than I do, but thanks for letting me part of it anyway!) and the kids. They are so smart and so cute. Even though I know them because they're all Caleb's friends and kids in our primary, it has been fun to get to know their cute little personalities.

Congrats kiddos!
Back row (l to r): Dillon, Caleb, Dallin
Front row (l to r): Emery, Kylie, Lydia


Danielle Smith said...

Dang! Now I feel like I need to really get on the ball with Duncan!! He can do the alphabet, he can count pretty high, but he can't write his letters and he doesn't know the sounds of the letters that well. Yikes!! I don't know what they expect a child to know before kindergarten. I have a bunch of workbooks that he's started doing, but that's about it. Well done, Caleb!!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

I am glad you caved!! Good job on the graduation! I am impressed with the hats!