Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A long overdue post

Things are good in the world of DeShazer Land. Here's an update:

Bryce will be 1 in the next couple of weeks. He's crawling and getting into all sorts of stuff, especially the toilet. He also learned to crawl up the stairs a couple of weeks ago. That's fine except he hasn't figured out the going downstairs part. We put a gate at the bottom of the stairs to prevent him from continually going up and getting stuck up there. He has a most unique way of expressing excitement. When he's excited, he takes little yet loud gasps. He's excited about 90% of the time about something, so we here him doing that all day. I think it's adorable. He's incredibly ticklish and out eats his 4 year-old brother. Often we end up feeding him Caleb's leftovers. He loves Cheerios and underneath his seat in our dining room, you can always find roughly 40-50 little Cheerios lying on the floor around him. We use our vacuum to clean it up daily.

Caleb is getting taller and taller by the day. He's taller than most kids his age and taller than those 1-2 years older than him in many cases. He's the worlds most picky eater and is testing his limits with Heather and I on a daily basis. He has decided he no longer wants to sleep in his bed at night, so he sneaks in with us on a nightly basis. We've had to wake up and put him back to bed numerous times. We're hoping he stops doing it in the near future, he's a major bed hog. Despite his growing pains, he's been as funny as ever. He's surprising us every day with some new expression or idea. He loves playing with his Legos and watching Pixar movies with me. I even got him watching some of the NBA playoffs with me a few times. He loves cuddling with me.

One such instance was a few weeks ago. Caleb was sitting with me watching the basketball game and Heather called for him to do something. He rather nonchalantly exclaimed while sprawled out on my lap, "I can't Mom, I'm watching the bassetball game with Dad." It was pretty funny. Unfortunately I can't think of other funny phrases. But he tells me on a daily basis that I'm his best friend. It is easily the highest compliment one can receive from their child.

Heather is keeping herself busy as Primary President and looking after our kids. With my long days at the office and out at night meeting with clients for my business, we don't get a lot of alone time. Recently we teamed up with friends at church to trade babysitting duties. There are about 5 families involved so we only have to babysit 1 every 5 weeks. We're going on a date for the second time in as many weeks for the first time since we became parents 4 years ago. We're both very excited at this possibility.

Anyway, that's the deal in the family right now. I will be better this summer about keeping this thing up to date.

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Danielle Smith said...

Either pigs can now fly or Hell has frozen over! You have posted!! Thank you for joining us again, here in the blog world!! You should post some pictures of them there kids!! I haven't seen them in 6 months!! I am glad you all are doing well!! Bryce sounds like he could still eat Rozzy, but she certainly has become quite the chunk, most of her clothes are size 18 mos. I need to seriously update too. Oh, we are coming to visit this month!!!!
PS-I strongly believe in locking a child's door at night, haha. I may be cruel, but I don't have my kids in bed with me, hah. Mary's mom said that the fire marshall wouldn't like that, I say, the fire marshall doesn't live here!!