Friday, August 7, 2009

Famous Artwork

Perhaps this artwork isn't famous yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be one day. I continue to marvel at my kids development (except for Bryce's lack of walking...but he'll get a big blog entry when that happens!) especially with Caleb because it's new for me too. I know my kids aren't necessarily smarter or more advanced than other kids (well, I do kind of think that, what self respecting parent wouldn't?) but I'm just proud of them and want to showcase their talents. So here are some of Caleb's more amusing and impressive drawings as of late.

This is a picture of a slide at Water World. (We went there a couple of weeks ago.) The slide starts at the top right and lands in the tiny roundish pool at the bottom. I guess he spent as much time looking at the maps as we did!

Caleb spends an inordinate amount of time drawing trains. This picture is extra cute I think. It's Toby the tram engine from Thomas.

This next picture is of a pirate ship. Did you notice the skull and crossbones on the flag? And the pirate has a patch over his eye! The pirate ship is carrying a "vacuum train" of all things, (shocker right?) but I love the ship floating under the moon. And the random arrow.

I love this one because he copied it. This is a penguin cupcake family. I just got the book "Hello Cupcake," which has a ton of fabulous and relatively easy cupcake decorating ideas. Caleb decided to draw the picture on the back. I am so impressed with how well he copied the picture! (I included the front cover of the book in case you want to get's so fun!)

This last one made Jon-Michael and me laugh the hardest. This is a creative version of some musical instruments...Trumpets? Tubas? But at the bottom is a picture of a flute, being played by none other than Homer Simpson.

This is the kind of thing I love about being a parent.


Jami said...

Well, your kids ARE more advanced than all the others! (Except mine, of

The Johnson Family said...

Those are awesome! He picked up on some details that I didn't think a kid would.

Shannon said...

Those are awesome! I love the penguin picture!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

He is quite the artist! Next one needs to be on canvas! Now I totally want that book!

Carrrie said...

wow! He is quite the artist. these pictures are very detailed!