Monday, August 24, 2009

Ward Campout!

Last weekend we went on ward camp out! We're not really campers, so we always borrow stuff from my parents, but this was the second one this summer. Caleb's hooked now, and we've had a lot of fun. But I still have minimum running water and bathrooms...I know that's not officially roughing it, but that's about as outdoorsy as you're going to find me!

Friday evening we had fun roasting you can, see Caleb loved that. But mostly just the eating the marshmallows part! Bryce mostly just ate graham crackers, but he was perfectly happy with that too!

Caleb had a lot of fun with a few of his friends, Lydia and Cora. Cora was so good about posing for me, and Caleb loved the picture, so he did his own version of it!

And here's a picture of Bryce working on his walk...he is such a little stinker...I haven't been able to catch him walking on video because he refuses to do it as soon as I get out the camera! He's been walking for a few weeks, but getting braver, so one of these days I actually have proof!

We had a lot of fun making new friends with people in the ward at the camp out. It's definitely something we'll have to do again.


Riggs Familia said...

Cute pic of you and your hubby, who took that?!

Eaton Family said...

Guess you guys better start buying some camping gear! Isn't JM a good artist? Looks like Caleb is following in his fathers footsteps...wait, and yours too. Loved the drawings.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

We totally missed out! Stupid New Mexico! :)