Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nugget's Game Report

Heather and I had a great time at the Nuggets game. Truthfully, I think I had the better time of the two. Anyway, I got there a little early (um 4:30 to be exact). I took the liberty of walking around the Pepsi Center until Heather arrived at the Light Rail station at Pepsi Center. The first time I walked by the Trailblazers bus had just pulled in. I walked further and I walked past Julie Browman. It was funny, she didn't even make any eye contact with me. I wouldn't either, if I was a svelte female walking alone and some 6' 5" stranger tries to say hi. I didn't say a word, but it was amusing. The lady who holds up the "we love (Player's Name)" signs was on the street waiting for the team to arrive. I talked with her for a minute. She was nice but I'm sure she was thinking, "who the heck is this guy?" Round two around Pepsi Center. A $300k + Mercedes Benz pulls up into the team's parking lot. Based on from what I hear about Marcus Camby's nice ride, I assume it's him pulling in. The windows are tinted and I wasn't going to gawk as he got out of his car. I will just assume it was either him, AI, or Carmelo pulling up.

As the game starts, I notice there is virtually no one in the upper deck of the arena. I know we are playing Portland tonight, but holy crap, this arena would sell out every time AI came to town as a Sixer! People don't realize how good we have it in Denver. Anyway, two drunk early-twenty somethings are sitting in front of me in the first half, and they were completely obnoxious. Every other word an F-word, they smelled funny (like stale beer, or perhaps fresh beer I can't tell the difference), and were downright stupid. Then there was the guy in row 17 yelling "Blake sucks!" every time former Nugget Steve Blake touched the ball. I would understand completely if that was Nick Van Exel. But picking on Steve Blake is like trying to publicly humiliate your Grandpa. You look stupid trying to do it. Alcohol has an interesting effect on people.

Anyway we had a good time, the Nuggets played well, and they won 110-93. That makes me 4-1 the last few years of going to Nuggets games. Here's a picture of Allen Iverson and Brandon Roy that I took during the 3rd quarter.

The ride home was a chilly one, and we had to stand on a crowded light rail train. I hope to get back a couple more times this year.

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